In the Name of Christ Jesus

mass shecdule

Weekend Masses:
Saturday 5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM

Weekday Mass: 
8AM Monday through Wednesday (or as announced in Church Bulletin)

Holy Days As Announced


4:00 PM to 4:30 PM
And by Appointment
A Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence RI


Hours Monday & Thursday
9:00AM to 4:00PM
221 Main Street 
Warren, RI 02885
Phone: (401) 245-6369
Fax: (401) 247-5455

Great meal for the entire family

45th Annual Italian Festival This Weeked
June 24th from 6PM to 10PM
June 25th from 5PM to 10PM

Get Involved

Friday June 24th from 6PM to 10PM
Saturday June 25th from 5PM to 10PM

Many Hands make light work. We have a job for everyone-behind the scenes before the event and definitely on the days of the Festival. You can give a lot of your time or just an hour or so. Age is of no consequence, we can’t make this happen without you. Please click "get involed" bellow to contact Debbie Abbruzzi to leave your name and phone number.

Tyler & Ryan Falcoa

Will be preforming Live on Saturday June 25th at the Festival!
Tyler and Ryan Falcoa, known officially as 'Tyler & Ryan', are making a name for themselves in the music industry. Their following is rapidly growing, as they move away from solely “cover artists” on YouTube to writing and producing original music. The duo sold out their first concert at Foxwoods Resort Casino, as well as a number of local shows in Rhode Island. They caught the attention of mainstream artists such as Daya and appeared as guest performers on ‘VH1's 'The Streamys', and have been involved with ‘American Idol’, 'The X Factor', ‘The Voice’, and ‘America’s Got Talent’. Tyler & Ryan fans, known as ‘Falcoanators’, have driven ‘Tyler & Ryan’ to over 59,000 Subscribers on YouTube, a combined Twitter following of 53,000 followers, and over 5 million views. Look out for Tyler & Ryan’s Debut EP, “Basement Diaries” soon to be released later this year.

St. Alexanders Chruch

Saint Alexander Church Two-Twenty One Main Street, Warren RI 02885. Established 1915

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Rev. David W. Masello

Rev. David W. Masello, M.A., M.Div., J.C.L, Administrator, Defender of the Bond, Providence Tribunal

Anointing of the Sick

Call Rectory / Call Rectory for hospital visitation

Sacrament of Marriage

Contact Father Masello at least one year in advance before making any other arrangements

Sponsorship Certificates

Sponsorship certificates for godparents and confirmation sponsors are required by most parishes. These will be given only to those who are confirmed Catholics, registered in the parish, weekly participants at Mass, validly married in the Church (if applicable) and providing for the religious education of their own children (if applicable).